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2021 Learn to Row Classes

Good news - we are open for Learn To Row sessions and our class schedule is below. We will also offer sculling lessons for those who are interested or who feel safer rowing in a single. Please be aware of our COVID protocol on the boathouse grounds and on the water. Our LTR 100 Series Beginners' classes have evening sessions on M/W and  Saturday mornings beginning in June and going through early fall. These 4-week sessions include 2 weeks of specialized coaching 2 times a week and 2 weeks of team rowing with our Recreational Team.  This class design gives participants training at a higher level and provides a great bridge to our  Masters program. For those looking  for more after the initial sweep rowing class, we offer Learn To Scull 200 sessions throughout the summer. The sculling classes will also provide Blue or Green certification to row independently as a member of the club. Quick definition: Sweep rowing - each rower has one oar; Sculling - each rower has two oars. 

LTR 100 Sweep Rowing

Our 100-level Learn-to-Row classes are meant for beginners with no prior rowing experience. It is also a useful refresher for those who have been off the water for several seasons! Each Learn-to-Row class learns the basics of sweep rowing in eight- and four-person rowing shells. During the 4 weeks, you will learn rowing vocabulary, care and maintenance of the boats, and rowing technique. At the culmination of the session, we will have a friendly boathouse regatta. It's a lot of fun and a great way to show off your new rowing skills. Make sure to invite your friends and family.

Regardless of your level of experience, physical fitness, body size or shape, or age (we suggest age 15 and up), you can participate in the beginner class. A crucial part of our LTR classes is the 2-3 week opportunity to row with our adult recreational team on Monday & Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. Our excellent coaching will hone your skills and provide the opportunity to meet and row with some of the best people around. We are looking forward to having you in the boat! 

Class size: Minimum 8, Maximum 16
Prerequisite: None
Shells: Eights (8+) and Fours (4+)
Cost: $180 

Due to our nature of team rowing, we do ask that every participant make every effort to attend all class sessions. Your seat in the boat is vital to the entire boat performing at its best on the water. 

*Early fall sunset may require the teams to end practice at 7:30pm

Adult Recreational Rowing Schedule

  • Monday and Wednesday nights from 6-8pm 
  • Saturdays 8-10am (during 2nd 2-3 weeks of session)

LTR 100 Coaches

# Register Sessions Dates Coach
LTR 101 REGISTER Monday & Wednesday 6-8pm 6/7 - 7/3 Julie & Austin
LTR 102 REGISTER Monday & Wednesday 6-8pm 7/5 - 7/31 Steve Lasater
LTR 103 REGISTER Monday & Wednesday 6-8pm 8/2 - 8/28

Julie & Chris

 LTR 104  REGISTER  Monday & Wednesday 6 - 8pm* 9/8 - 10/13   Julie & Chris

Sculling Classes

Sculling uses two smaller oars per rower, instead of the single large oar used for sweep rowing. For more information on the difference between sculling and sweeping, check out New Rower/Parent Information, prepared for our novice high school athletes.

LTR 200 Sculling for Beginners

Sculling uses two oars per rower. The class is designed for beginners as well as advanced adults who have either participated in a previous session or have rowing experience. Beginners will be taught sculling in recreational single shells. Participants will have opportunities for informal racing, but the intensity of all sessions will be based on the ability and desire of the participants.

Class size: Minimum 3, Maximum 5
Prerequisite: 100-level Learn to Row, documentation of previous experience elsewhere, or coach approval
Schedule: Two sessions in two weeks
Shells: Double (2x), Single (1x)
Cost: $60 (non-members), $45 (members)

Members: This course is designed to prepare you for the blue-level certification exam, which will allow you to row any recreational single by yourself or any coxed (8+, 4+, 4x) shell with other blue/green certified rowers, without a launch.

LTR 200 Coaches

# Register Sessions Dates Coach
LTR 201 REGISTER M/W from 6 - 8pm June 7, 9, 14, and 16 Ann Christensen
LTR 202 REGISTER M/W from 6-8pm July 5, 7, 12, and 14 Julie Bennett
LTR 203
REGISTER T/Th mornings from 9 - 11am July 6, 8, 13, and 15 Julie Bennett
 LTR 204 REGISTER  T/Th from 6-8pm July 27, 29, Aug 3, & 5 Steve Lasater
 LTR 207 REGISTER Private Lessons: TBD by rower & coach June - September  Justin/Steve/Ann/Julie

2021 Winter Indoor Rowing

We are looking forward to a great winter season of conditioning both on and off the indoor rowing machines. Due to the current restrictions and distancing regulations, all our winter conditioning will be virtual. This season, we have teamed up with RoyleRow to provide a unique and individualized plan for our adult rowers who want to work on technique, gain strength and power, and connect with other members and rowers online. Participants will need access to an indoor rower, if they choose to complete the rowing portion of the workout routine. 

Dates: February - April (3 months)

Price: $20/month 

Workouts: Each participant will receive weekly workouts and the links to all the team Zoom erg workouts. Weekly regimen includes indoor rowing workouts as well as off-erg weight training, cardio, etc. 


LTR 300 Intermediate Sculling

This class is open only to GRRA members.

The course is designed for scullers who have either participated in a previous LTR 300 sculling class or have other substantial sculling experience. Participants will exclusively use racing shells (and comfortably so), will learn race strategies and advanced techniques with which to maximize their efficiency and power on the water. Participants will have opportunities for informal racing, but the intensity of all sessions will be based on the ability and desire of the participants.

Class size: Minimum 2, Maximum 3
Prerequisite: Members-only; LTR 200 Sculling for Beginners, documentation of previous experience elsewhere, or coach approval
Schedule: Three sessions in one week
Shells: Double (2x), Single (1x)
Cost: $75 (members-only)

Members: This course is designed to prepare you for the green-level certification exam, which will allow you to row a racing single by yourself or any non-coxed (4x, 4-, 2-)  shell with other green certified rowers, without a launch.

LTR 300 Coaches

# Register Sessions Dates Coach
LTR 301 Register Tue/Thu/Sat 6/13, 6/15, 6/17 TBD
LTR 302 Register Tue/Thu/Sat 8/22, 8/24, 8/26 TBD

LTC 100 Learn to Coxswain

The coxswain (pronounced "cox-in") is a critical crew member in eight (8+) and four (4+) shells. A good coxswain is part captain, part navigator, part coach and part cheerleader. Whether you are interested in coxing for Adult Recreation, Masters, LTR classes or just want to become a more rounded rower, our Learn to Coxswain class is for you. Learn everything you need to successfully lead a shell on the water: safety, commands, drills, navigation, equipment, feedback and leadership.

Prerequisite: LTR 100 or prior rowing experience recommended, but not required
Schedule: One 2 hour session
Cost: FREE

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